Brown graining in a natural diamond

by | May 2, 2018 | Diamonds

Pictured below is a striking brown internal graining in a natural near-colorless diamond [1]Massi L. (2005) Studies of defects in brown and hydrogen-rich diamonds, PhD thesis, University of Nantes – France, 372 pages (PDF). Brown graining – made of one or more set(s) of brown planes parallel to the octahedron faces {111} – is present in some diamonds that have undergone post-growth plastic deformation [2]Fritsch E. (1998) Colour in Diamonds, The Nature of Diamonds, edited by George E. Harlow, American Museum of Natural History, pp. 23-47.

Photomicrography of a brown graining in a natural diamond

When seen under crossed polarizing filters those diamonds show a strong strain pattern (photomicrography below), typical for plastically deformed diamonds of octahedral growth [3]Hainschwang T. (2014) Diamants de type Ib: Relations entre les propriétés physiques et gemmologiques des diamants contenant de l’azote isolé, PhD thesis, University of Nantes – France, 413 pages.

Photomicrography of a brown graining in a natural diamond seen under cross polarized filters

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