Cuboid diamond with a square heart

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The photomicrograph below shows a yellow cuboid diamond crystal (0.13 ct – type IaA>Ib>>B) with an unusual internal structure that possesses three whitish cuboid concentric layers as well as a strong inhomogeneous yellow color repartition, rarely encountered in isotropic materials.

This sample is inert under both SW- and LW UV lights, with no phosphorescence [1]Massi L. (2005) Studies of defects in brown and hydrogen-rich diamonds, PhD thesis, University of Nantes – France, 372 pages (PDF).

Yellow cuboid diamond crystal (0.13 ct - type IaA sup Ib)

Cub-oid (cuboid term is made of “cub-“ from cubus, the cube and “-oid” from eîdos, the shape) diamonds are diamonds that show a kind of cube-like shape with wavy faces and rounded edges, features that set them apart from the regular cube that possesses planar faces and sharp edges [2]Rondeau B. (2007) Proper Terminology for Diamond Growth, Gems & Gemology, Vol. 43, No. 2, pp. 96-97.

For lovers of scientific data, this diamond is hydrogen- and nitrogen-rich with a low aggregation state of nitrogen defects (single substitutional nitrogen impurity – type Ib character – causing the yellow coloration) [1]Massi L. (2005) Studies of defects in brown and hydrogen-rich diamonds, PhD thesis, University of Nantes – France, 372 pages.

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(literature the reader might be interested to read to get more technical information on the topic covered in this blog post)

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