Star Of David inclusion in a red spinel from Myanmar

by | Apr 21, 2018 | Inclusions

Here is below a photomicrography of what I have been amazed to see in a 0.54 ct natural spinel from Burma (Myanmar) I have purchased few years ago: a Star of David inclusion.

Star of David inclusion in a 0.54 ct spinel from Burma

As a spinel lover a bit geeky, and especially of their inclusions, I have carefully observed and selected all my spinels among thousands upon thousands of rough and facetted samples, all under a microscope, most of them being really small (< 0.10 ct).

I have found all kind of inclusions in spinel but a Star of David inclusion! Wow! It was the first time I observed such a hexagram pattern inside a spinel, this hexagram (or sexagram in Latin) being sometimes seen on twinned spinel crystals called macle.

A Star of David inclusion has already been seen in a 4.60 ct diamond, but this is here – I believe – the first ever published picture of such an incredible inclusion in a spinel.


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